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  • Outswing door
  • Rough Opening: 80" x 40", Door Opening: 34" x 74"
  • Solid 1/4" Steel Door Plate, Heavy duty 1/4" plate steel frame
  • Inswing Door - Ball bearing greaseable hinges
  • 14x stainless steel plungers, 13/16" diameter
  • Integrated panic room and inside release system
  • Relocker for torch and cutting protection
  • Fire and Smoke protection with expanding fire seal, 1+ hours of protection
  • For 6" & 8" walls, and 8" block (7 5/8")
  • Strong hold clamping mount system with brackets to clamp the wall. Simply tilt the door in to place and tighten the bolts that hold the retainer brackets. 
  • 800+ lbs of steel
  • Made in the USA
  • **Pictures represent the finish but may not represent the swing - verify RH/LH and Inswing/Outswing before hitting the buy button
  • We will confirm all details with you before shipping.  Ships in 6-12 weeks but can ship sooner depending on model.
  • Contact Sales@SmithSecuritySafes.com or call 1-800-521-0335 for any questions
  • Want to customize? Give us a call at 1-800-521-0335 - we can customize any door!

Wall Thickness

Titan Outswing Vault Door: Where StrengthMeets Elegance
Stepping into a world where security needs are ever-changing, the Titan Outswing Vault Door has unmatched protection. Perfect for both homes seeking a secure vault room and businesses prioritizing security, this vault door is a testament to strength and design. Here's what sets it apart:

🔒 Impressive Build: Crafted using a solid 1/4" steel door plate and strengthened by a heavy-duty 1/4" plate steel frame, this door is durable .

🔒 Titan Security Features:
Efficient Hinge System: Outswing door design equipped with ball bearing, greasable hinges ensures durable and smooth operation.
Trustworthy Locking: Featuring 14 stainless steel plungers, each of 13/16" diameter, for a secure locking experience.
Emergency Provisions: An integrated panic room and inside release system, essential during unexpected emergencies.
Thermal Relocker: Provides an additional layer of defense against torch and cutting techniques.

🔒 Fire & Smoke Defense: Benefit from over an hour of protection against potential fire and smoke hazards, thanks to the expanding fire seal.

🔒 Versatility & Heft: Tailored for 6" & 8" walls and 8" blocks. With the efficient clamping mount system, setup is effortless. Weighing in at over 800+ lbs of steel, this vault door is a true symbol of security.

🔒 Authentically American: Proudly crafted in the USA, showcasing quality and craftsmanship.

🔒 Finish Options: Choose from a variety of finishes, be it the elegant hammered black with a chrome handle and digital keypad, the unique steampunk finish, or the patriotic American flag steampunk finish.
The Titan Outswing Vault Door Edge: Vault doors are not just barriers; they create certainty. Whether it's shielding family heirlooms or safeguarding critical business assets, the Titan Outswing Vault Door serves as a guardian, ensuring that what lies behind remains protected and secure.

Special Offer: Secure this vault door now at a discounted price of $5,150.00. Plus, FREE SHIPPING and convenient monthly payments starting at just $464.83/mo.

Elevate Your Security: Click to purchase, and we'll handle the specifics. Delivery is projected between 6-12 weeks. For customizations or questions, reach out to Sales@SmithSecuritySafes.com or call 800-521-0335. Our mission is your peace of mind.